Friday, December 30, 2011

In the News: Hidden Dangers of Outsourcing Radiology

In November, Lyle Warshauer was quoted in a SELF magazine article titled "The Hidden Dangers of Outsourcing Radiology" by Katherin Eban. An expert in medical malpractice, Lyle added a level of expertise to this story warning women about the dangers of uncoordinated medical care, particularly outsourced x-rays and MRIs.  

Our first blog

Welcome to 2012 and the new Warshauer Law Group Law Safety blog. For years, consumers, lawyers, and the media have looked to WLG lawyers for information about medical safety, product safety, and highway safety.  So, we've decided to stick our toes into the blogosphere and share what we know.  We’ll be posting a variety of stories, from personal accounts from our team of lawyers and legal professionals, to safety and educational videos, to highlights from WLG in the press.

Hopefully, by sharing our thoughts we'll make the world a better, safer place and help those who have been injured by the carelessness of others have a better shot at obtaining full, fair and just compensation.  We hope we'll be able to have at least one of us blog on a weekly basis. We hope you’ll come back.

Happy reading and happy new year,
Michael Warshauer